JD-800 Sound Libraries

JD-800 Sound Libraries
JD-800 Sound Library
SL-JD80-01 Standard Drums      
Patch Names PN-JD80-01 Special Setup Waveforms Comment
[JD 800 Standard Drums] [Roland Standard Drums Drumset] SO-JD80-01  
64=C-11 Modular Bass 2 36=Solid Kick 001=Fat Kick  
65=C-12 5th Staircase 37=Dry Stick 002=Solid Kick  
66=C-13 Ebony & Ivory 38=Fat SN 2 003=Mach Kick  
67=C-14 Pressure Dome 39=Verb Claps 004=Real Kick  
68=C-15 Gabriel's Harp 40=Rock SN 005=Deep Kick  
69=C-16 Synphonium 41=AttackTom3 006=Room Kick  
70=C-17 Breathing Space 42=Closed HiHat1 007=Dry Stick  
71=C-18 Echo Overboard 43=Attach Tom 3 008=Room Stick  
72=C-21 Tekno Funk Bass2 44=Closed HiHat 2 009=LA Snare  
73=C-22 Saddle Tramp 45=Attack Tom 2 010=Snappy Snare  
74=C-23 Tinie Piano 46=Open HiHat 011=Fat Snare 1  
75=C-24 Vamping 47=Attack Tom 2 012=Fat Snare 2  
76=C-25 Sixtring 48=Attack Tom 1 013=Wood Snare  
77=C-26 Shaku-Brass 49=Crash Cym 014=Room Snare  
78=C-27 Quadrophenia 50=Attack Tom 1 015=Loose Snare  
79=C-28 Winterland 51=Ride Cymbal 016=Whack Snare  
80=C-31 Fretless 52=Crash Cymbal 017=Real Snare  
81=C-32 Slow Mellow Lead 53=Ride Bell 018=Lite Snare  
82=C-33 Glass Pond 54=Tambourine 019=Rock Snare  
83=C-34 Resonancy 55=Power Tom 020=Hard Snare  
84=C-35 Levitation 56=Cowbell 2 021=R8 Rimshot  
85=C-36 New Ana-Brass 57=Power Tom 022=Attack Tom 1  
86=C-37 Crystal OrgBell 58=Slap Conga 023=Attack Tom 2  
87=C-38 Moving Wave 59=Power Tom 024=Attack Tom 3  
88=C-41 Uprightous 60=Hi Bongo 025=Power Tom  
89=C-42 Overdrive Lead 61=Lo Bongo 026=Closed HiHat 1  
90=C-43 MIDI Piano 62=Hi Conga 027=Closed HiHat 2  
91=C-44 Analog Strings 63=Mute Conga 1 028=Open HiHat  
92=C-45 Ethnic 64=Lo Conga 029=Crash Cymbal  
93=C-46 Tempest 65=Timbale 030=Ride Cymbal  
94=C-47 From the Heavens 66=Timbale 031=Ride Bell  
95=C-48 Space Voices 67=Agogo 032=Verb Claps  
96=C-51 Mega Mono Bass 68=Agogo 033=Agogo  
97=C-52 Semi-Hard Lead 69=Cabasa Up 034=Clave 1  
98=C-53 Full Organ 70=Maraca 035=Clave 2  
99=C-54 Analog Brass 71=Cabasa Down 036=Guiro Long  
100=C-55 Depech Piano 72=Whistle 037=Guiro Short  
101=C-56 Cheap Str Mach 73=Guiro Short 038=Triangle  
102=C-57 Eastern Harporgan 74=Guiro Long 039=Whislte  
103=C-58 Sparkle & Rain 75=Clave 1 040=Cowbell 2  
104=C-61 Block Bass 76=Block 2 041=Block 2  
105=C-62 Electric String 77=Block 2 042=Maraca  
106=C-63 Air Piano 78=Clave 2 043=Cabasa Up  
107=C-64 Pilgrimage 79=Clave 1 044=Cabasa Down  
108=C-65 Explosion 80=Triangle 045=Tambourin  
109=C-66 Brassz 81=Triangle 046=Slap Conga  
110=C-67 Rattler & Sand 82=Tambourine 047=Mute Conga 1  
111=C-68 Grove Keyz 83=Fat Kick 048=Mute Conga 2  
112=C-71 Big Stick Bass 84=Mach Kick 049=Hi Conga  
113=C-72 Solo Syn Brass 85=Real Kick 050=Lo Conga  
114=C-73 A Piano + Str 86=Deep Kick 051=Hi Bongo  
115=C-74 Sigh 87=Room Kick 052=Lo Bongo  
116=C-75 F-nick 88=Hard Snare 053=Timbale  
117=C-76 Heartfelt String 89=Snappy Snare 054=Chekere  
118=C-77 Blown Glass 90=Fat Snare 1    
119=C-78 Typhoon 91=R8 Rimshot    
120=C-81 Synth Bass 92=Whack Snare    
121=C-82 Radical Lead 93=Room Snare    
122=C-83 Choir Organ 94=Loose Snare    
123=C-84 Soft Synth Brass 95=Real Snare    
124=C-85 Millpond 96=Lite Snare    
125=C-86 Gentle Bow      
126=C-87 Femme Fatale      
127=C-88 Blendo!      
SL-JD80-02 Dance Drums      
Patch Names PN-JD80-02 Special Setup Waveforms Comment
[JD 800 Dance Drums] [Roland Dance Drums Drumset] SO-JD80-02  
64=C-11 Pedal Funk Bass1 36=808 Kick Short 001=808 K Shrt  
65=C-12 Oddball Organ 37=808 Rim 002=808 K Long  
66=C-13 Anvil Clav 38=808 Snare 003=909 Kick  
67=C-14 PolySynth Wet 39=808 Claps 004=Smash Kick  
68=C-15 Flying High! 40=909 Snare 005=Bryt Kick  
69=C-16 Tambo Vox 41=606 Tom 2 006=Tekno Kick  
70=C-17 San Jose Synth 42=808 Closed HiHat 1 007=Industry Kick  
71=C-18 Shoot M Up! DD 43=Rim Tom 4 008=Mach Kick  
72=C-21 Synth Funk Bass1 44=808 Closed HiHat 2 009=Butt Kick  
73=C-22 Rotary Organ 45=606 Tom 2 010=Gate Kick  
74=C-23 Marimba 46=808 Open HiHat 1 011=Mondo Kick  
75=C-24 Polyrezinklik 47=Rim Tom 2 012=808 Rim  
76=C-25 Heaven's Gate* 48=606 Tom 2 013=808 Snare  
77=C-26 Shimm Pad 1 49=808 Cymbal 014=909 Snare  
78=C-27 Some Place Else 50=Rim Tom 1 015=CR78 Snare  
79=C-28 Vanish 1 51=Crash Cymbal 016=Attack Snare  
80=C-31 Hybrid Bass 1 52=808 Conga 1 017=Splat Snare  
81=C-32 Amp Organ 53=808 Conga 2 018=90's Snare  
82=C-33 CongaXylo DD 54=Lite Closed HiHat 1 019=Dance Snare 1  
83=C-34 Pulse Strings 55=808 Conga 3 020=Dance Snare 2  
84=C-35 Gamelan Dreams 56=Lite Closed HiHat 2 021=Hip Hop Snare  
85=C-36 Oooh Pole 1 57=808 Clave 022=Video Snare  
86=C-37 Vibratious 58=Lite Open HiHat 023=Rap Snare  
87=C-38 Bendoid Crash 59=808 Cowbell 024=House Snare  
88=C-41 Mo Funk Bass 60=Cowbell 2 025=Swing Snare  
89=C-42 Spectrum Rhodes 61=808 Open HiHat 2 026=Combo Snare  
90=C-43 Band Keys 1 62=808 Maraca 027=Disco Snare  
91=C-44 French Syn Horns 63=Dance Clapz 028=606 Tom 1  
92=C-45 Crystal Logs 64=Snaps 029=606 Tom 2  
93=C-46 Padness 65=Tambourine 030=Boosh Tom  
94=C-47 Come Closer! 66=Disco Snare 031=Blast Tom  
95=C-48 Alien Toms 67=808 Kick Long 032=Electric Tom  
96=C-51 Fusion Solo 2 68=909 Kick 033=Rim Tom 1  
97=C-52 Plunky Tines 69=Smash Kick 034=Rim Tom 2  
98=C-53 DynoReso-Strat 70=Bryt Kick 035=Rim Tom 3  
99=C-54 Wow Bubble 71=Tekno Kick 036=Rim Tom 4  
100=C-55 Reverso Clav 72=Industry Kick 037=808 Closed HiHat 1  
101=C-56 Shaku Strings 73=Mach Kick 038=808 Closed HiHat 2  
102=C-57 Stack Attack 2 74=Butt Kick 039=808 Open HiHat 1  
103=C-58 Alien Claves 75=Gate Kick 040=808 Open HiHat 2  
104=C-61 Ooh No! Solo 76=Mondo Kick 041=Lite Closed HiHat 1  
105=C-62 Comp'n Strat 77=909 Snare 042=Lite Closed HiHat 2  
106=C-63 Wash-Out! 78=CR78 Snare 043=Lite Open HiHat  
107=C-64 Analog Pad 79=Attack Snare 044=808 Cymbal  
108=C-65 Pressure Scraper 80=Splat Snare 045=Crash Cymbal  
109=C-66 Time 2 Move On 81=90's Snare 046=808 Claps  
110=C-67 Pluck Rhodes 1 82=Dance Snare 1 047=Dance Clapz  
111=C-68 Metallic Maraca 83=Dance Snare 2 048=808 Conga 1  
112=C-71 All Prpose SLO. DD 84=Hip Hop Snare 049=808 Conga 2  
113=C-72 African Bells 85=Video Snare 050=808 Conga 3  
114=C-73 Boing'n Clave 86=Rap Snare 051=808 Clave  
115=C-74 Saxpipes 87=House Snare 052=808 Cowbell  
116=C-75 Harpo Harmo 88=Swing Snare 053=Cowbell 2  
117=C-76 Early Wave Pad 89=Combo Snare 054=808 Maracas  
118=C-77 Airless 90=Boosh Tom 055=Snaps  
119=C-78 Resonant Bap 91=Blast Tom 056=Tambourine  
120=C-81 Shaku Lead 92=Boosh Tom    
121=C-82 Pizza To Go? 93=Electric Tom    
122=C-83 "Betrayed" 94=Boosh Tom    
123=C-84 Brass Section 95=Electric Tom    
124=C-85 Agogo Pad 96=Electric Tom    
125=C-86 Flando Vox      
126=C-87 Prep Piano 1      
127=C-88 Inverse Tambocow      
SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums      
Patch Names PN-JD80-03 Special Setup Waveforms Comment
[JD 800 Rock Drums] [Roland Rock Drums Drumset] SO-JD80-03  
64=C-11 Modular Bass 3 36=Reverb Kick 001=Mondo Kick  
65=C-12 Full Organ 2 37=Room Stick 002=Deep Kick  
66=C-13 New Age Clav 38=Hard Snare 003=Solid Kick  
67=C-14 Synth Hornz 39=Crack Snare 004=Ambo Kick  
68=C-15 Mega Stack 1 40=Induced Snare 005=Reverb Kick  
69=C-16 Pipes 41=Rock Tom 4 006=Room Stick  
70=C-17 Huge Voxy Stack 42=Room HiHat 1 007=Bigshot Snare  
71=C-18 Pink Bomb 43=Rock Tom 3 008=Crack Snare  
72=C-21 Hybrid Bass 44=Room HiHat 3 009=Atomic Snare  
73=C-22 Superc Organ 45=Rock Tom 3 010=Power Snare  
74=C-23 Clear Bells 46=Room HiHat 4 011=Trash Snare  
75=C-24 Pulse Strings 2 47=Rock Tom 2 012=Hard Snare  
76=C-25 Wired Pluck 48=Rock Tom 2 013=Combo Snare  
77=C-26 Rebbeka's Choir 49=Crash Cymbal 014=Induced Snare  
78=C-27 Wired ZZZ's 50=Rock Tom 1 015=Rock Tom 1  
79=C-28 Way Down Deep RD 51=Ride Cymbal 016=Rock Tom 2  
80=C-31 Tekno Funk Bass 52=China Cymbal 017=Rock Tom 3  
81=C-32 Jazz Organ 53=Ride Bell 018=Rock Tom 4  
82=C-33 Tuned Logs 54=Tambourine 019=Ambo Tom 1  
83=C-34 JX Sweepee 55=Crash Cymbal 020=Ambo Tom 2  
84=C-35 Sparky's Brass 56=Cowbell 2 021=Ambo Tom 3  
85=C-36 Pole Pad 57=Crash Cymbal 022=Ambo Tom 4  
86=C-37 French/String Pad 58=Open HiHat 023=Room HiHat 1  
87=C-38 Time's Up! 59=Mondo Kick Drum 024=Room HiHat 2  
88=C-41 Fazin Port Bass 60=Ambo Kick 025=Room HiHat 3  
89=C-42 Bottle Rhodes 1 61=Room Stick 026=Room HiHat 4  
90=C-43 & Howitzer! 62=Power Snare 027=Open HiHat  
91=C-44 Polysynth Wow 63=Atomic Snare 028=Crash Cymbal  
92=C-45 Don't Phase me out 64=Power Snare 029=Ride Cymbal  
93=C-46 Sparky's Tone 65=Ambo Tom 4 030=Ride Bell  
94=C-47 Head Bangers Ball 66=Room HiHat 2 031=China Cymbal  
95=C-48 Surf's Up! 67=Ambo Tom 3 032=Cowbell 2  
96=C-51 Mo Funk Bass 2 68=Room Hi Hat 3 033=Tambourine  
97=C-52 Midnight Rhodes 69=Ambo Tom 3    
98=C-53 Harpo Shake 70=Open HiHat    
99=C-54 Simple BFP Sweep 71=Ambo Tom 2    
100=C-55 Far East Dreams 72=Ambo Tom 2    
101=C-56 Padded 5ths 73=Crash Cymbal    
102=C-57 Klacky Strings 74=Ambo Tom 1    
103=C-58 Breathin' Garage 75=Ride Cymbal    
104=C-61 5th Lead 1 76=China Cymbal    
105=C-62 Piano & Strings 77=Ride Bell    
106=C-63 Flying Perc 78=Tambourine    
107=C-64 Mean Flugal! 79=Crash Cymbal    
108=C-65 Into the Night 80=Cowbell 2    
109=C-66 Finale Pad! 81=Crash Cymbal    
110=C-67 Headbanger V-SW 82=Open HiHat    
111=C-68 UnderGroundParty 83=Solid Kick Drum    
113=C-72 Rhodes & Pad 1 84=Deep Kick    
114=C-73 Orient Express! 85=Room Stick    
115=C-74 Pizz Strings 86=Bigshot Snare    
116=C-75 Techno Koto 87=Trash Snare    
117=C-76 Wine Blower 88=Combo Snare    
118=C-77 Forest Whisper 89=Rock Tom 4    
119=C-78 Alien Mind 90=Room HiHat 2    
120=C-81 Solo Phase 91=Rock Tom 3    
121=C-82 Fantasy Bell 92=Room HiHat 3    
122=C-83 N. Guitar Heaven 93=Rock Tom 2    
123=C-84 Oct Strings 94=Open HiHat    
124=C-85 Wass Up? 95=Rock Tom 2    
125=C-86 Shaku ZZZ's 96=Rock Tom 1    
126=C-87 War in Heaven      
127=C-88 Anklungs & Chimes      
SL-JD80-04 String Ensemble      
Patch Names PN-JD80-04 Special Setup Waveforms Comments
[JD 800 String Ensemble] Note Names SO-JD80-04  
64=C-11 Orchestra Strings n/a 001=Strings 1 Normal Strings
65=C-12 Hybrid Strings 2   002=Strings 2 Dark Strings
66=C-13 8va String+Piano   003=Strings 3 Bright Strings
67=C-14 Horizon   004=Strings Atk Strings Attack
68=C-15 Deep Forest   005=Pizzicato 1 Normal Pizzicato
69=C-16 Pizzicato   006=Pizzicato 2 Dark Pizzicato
70=C-17 Super Low Bass   007=Pizzicato 3 Bright Pizzicato
71=C-18 Bend Up 5th      
72=C-21 Symphonic Ensemble      
73=C-22 Marcato Strings      
74=C-23 Strings + Pizzicato      
75=C-24 Vaporub      
76=C-25 Powered Synth      
77=C-26 Clear Attack      
78=C-27 JD Exp. Bass      
79=C-28 Mystery Zone      
80=C-31 Fast Strings High      
81=C-32 Strings Synth      
82=C-33 Strings & Vox      
83=C-34 Mistress      
84=C-35 Holy Night      
85=C-36 Gamelan EP      
86=C-37 Stab Bass      
87=C-38 Total Attack      
88=C-41 Slow Attack String      
89=C-42 Stack String      
90=C-43 JD Strings & Harp      
91=C-44 Harshly Pad      
92=C-45 Square Octopads      
93=C-46 Warm Decay      
94=C-47 Headbangers Ball      
95=C-48 Ocean Floor      
96=C-51 Oct. Strings      
97=C-52 Invocation Strings      
98=C-53 Strings & Brass      
99=C-54 Deep Cascade      
100=C-55 Panpad      
101=C-56 Fanta Piano      
102=C-57 Hiphop Bass      
103=C-58 70's Modular Syn      
104=C-61 Analog Strings      
105=C-62 Analog Brasstr      
106=C-63 Crystal + Strings      
107=C-64 Rezoid Pad      
108=C-65 Under the Forest      
109=C-66 Dynamite Back'n      
110=C-67 Touch Me Hard      
111=C-68 Cosmo Strings      
112=C-71 PWM Strings      
113=C-72 Velo Strings      
114=C-73 Nylon Strings      
115=C-74 Phlange Strings      
116=C-75 Sho      
117=C-76 Crystalfus      
118=C-77 Korean Lead      
119=C-78 Tap Sequence      
120=C-81 Bright Strings      
121=C-82 Mellow Tron      
122=C-83 Strings & Bells      
123=C-84 Mystique      
124=C-85 Sprite Vox      
125=C-86 Metal Pizz      
126=C-87 Elephant's Moan      
127=C-88 Flying High      
SL-JD80-05 Brass Section      
Patch Names PN-JD80-05 Special Setup Waveforms Comments
[Roland Brass Section] [Roland Brass Section] SO-JD80-05  
64=C-11 Trump's Section 1 n/a 001=Trumpet Section Trumpet x2
65=C-12 Full Brass   002=Trumpet & Trombone Section Trombone x2, Trumpet x2
66=C-13 Orchestral   003=LoSax Section Tenor Sax
67=C-14 Mucho Trumpstabs   004=Solo Trumpet 1 Craig Trumpet [Dark]
68=C-15 Breathy Flugel   005=Solo Trumpet 2 Craig Trumpet [Normal]
69=C-16 Tongued Trumpet   006=Solo Trumpet 3 Craig Trumpet [Bright]
70=C-17 Classical Trumpet   007=Fat Trumpet mf Fat Trumpet mf
71=C-18 Harmon Trumpet   008=Fat Trumpet ff Fat Trumpet ff
72=C-21 Big Bad Trombones   009=Solo Trombone mf Solo Trombone mf
73=C-22 Solo Trumpet (x4)   010=Solo Trombone ff Solo Trombone ff
74=C-23 Solo Trumpet 5th   011=Solo Flugel Flugel Horn
75=C-24 Studio Trombone   012=Harmon Mute 1 Harmon Mute Trumpet [Dark]
76=C-25 Multiple Bones   013=Harmon Mute 2 Harmon Mute Trumpet [Normal]
77=C-26 Bones n' Brass   014=Harmon Mute 3 Harmon Mute Trumpet [Bright]
78=C-27 Harmon Bones      
79=C-28 Solo Trumpet 2      
80=C-31 Orchestra Bones      
81=C-32 Sax Appeal      
82=C-33 Army Brass      
83=C-34 Mute Trumpet Solo      
84=C-35 The Flugels      
85=C-36 Tuba Life      
86=C-37 Pressure SFZ      
87=C-38 Brass Fanfare      
88=C-41 Melo Section      
89=C-42 Ellingtonion      
90=C-43 Crescendo Ensemble      
91=C-44 Dyno-Trumpet      
92=C-45 Grammy Brass      
93=C-46 Backward Weather      
94=C-47 Stab Back      
95=C-48 Jazz Flugelar      
96=C-51 Utopia Comp      
97=C-52 Vox Wisps      
98=C-53 Poxx' Gate      
99=C-54 The Mu-Tran      
100=C-55 Voodoo Keeper      
101=C-56 Metal Hybrid      
102=C-57 Harmon Ambience      
103=C-58 A Bright World      
104=C-61 Klipp Sax      
105=C-62 Lush Bed      
106=C-63 Steam Valve      
107=C-64 Ethnic Strife      
108=C-65 Fake Angels      
109=C-66 Sub-Digital      
110=C-67 St. Andrew's      
111=C-68 Play Delay      
112=C-71 Slophaze Brass      
113=C-72 Litter Pick      
114=C-73 Sweep Light      
115=C-74 Funky Touch      
116=C-75 Digitlana Hybrid      
117=C-76 Interstellar O.D.      
118=C-77 Ethnic Sparkle      
119=C-78 Comper Man      
120=C-81 Subtle JD      
121=C-82 Wet Saw House      
122=C-83 Bio Outback      
123=C-84 Brass Stepwash      
124=C-85 Himarks      
125=C-86 Passing      
126=C-87 Samplestack Braz      
127=C-88 Jacob's Ladder      
SL-JD80-06 Grand Piano      
Patch Names PN-JD80-06 Special Setup Waveforms Comments
[Roland Grand Piano] Note Names SO-JD80-06  
64=C-11 Piano Magic 1 n/a 001=Grand mf A Grand Piano, soft, Normal
65=C-12 Grand Piano 1   002=Grand mf B Grand Piano, soft, Bright
66=C-13 Studio Lead   003=Grand mf C Grand Piano, soft, Dark 1
67=C-14 Piano & Stack   004=Grand mf D Grand Piano, soft, Dark 2
68=C-15 Nylon Grand   005=Grand ff A Grand Piano, loud component, Normal
69=C-16 Poppy Keys   006=Grand ff B Grand Piano, loud Component, Dark 1
70=C-17 Island Piano   007=Grand ff C Grand Piano, loud Component, Dark 2
71=C-18 Heart Piano      
72=C-21 Piano & Voice      
73=C-22 Grand Piano 2      
74=C-23 Synth F/Deleyopn      
75=C-24 It's a Small World      
76=C-25 Piano at Heaven      
77=C-26 Funk It!      
78=C-27 Piano Magic 2      
79=C-28 Piano Sweep      
80=C-31 Stacked Up      
81=C-32 Piano Fortes      
82=C-33 Analog Lead      
83=C-34 Piano & Synth      
84=C-35 Perky Grand      
85=C-36 Phasers on Funk      
86=C-37 Bassweep Piano      
87=C-38 Octave Piano      
88=C-41 Piano Pad      
89=C-42 Grand Piano 3      
90=C-43 Breath Pad      
91=C-44 Fantasy Piano Repl      
92=C-45 Pluck Piano      
93=C-46 Dig this      
94=C-47 One To Go!      
95=C-48 Brass Pad Piano      
96=C-51 Love that Sound      
97=C-52 Grand Piano 4      
98=C-53 Piano Mind Color      
99=C-54 Honky Tonk & Organ      
100=C-55 Phase Piano      
101=C-56 New Age Something      
102=C-57 Vox Grand      
103=C-58 Only A JD!      
104=C-61 Grand & Choir      
105=C-62 Pure Piano      
106=C-63 Bass Taste      
107=C-64 Multiano      
108=C-65 Midnight Grand      
109=C-66 Pianotron      
110=C-67 Hypnotic Piano      
111=C-68 Piano?      
112=C-71 Piano Heaven      
113=C-72 Barrel House Piano      
114=C-73 Funky Split      
115=C-74 Layered V-MX      
116=C-75 Wave Pluck      
117=C-76 Millpond 2      
118=C-77 Harmonic Grand      
119=C-78 Dark Choir 2027      
120=C-81 Forbidden Land      
121=C-82 Grand Piano 5      
122=C-83 B.H. Piano & Bass      
123=C-84 Sparkle & Rain      
124=C-85 Time 2 Move On 2      
125=C-86 Piano Orchestra      
126=C-87 Spiritual      
127=C-88 Dying World      
SL-JD80-07 Guitars      
Patch Names PN-JD80-07 Special Setup Waveforms Comments
[Roland Guitars] Note Names SO-JD80-07  
64=C-11 Close Nylon 1 n/a 001=Nylon Gtr1 Nylon String Guitar, Normal
65=C-12 Shortpick Nylon 1   002=Nylon Gtr2 Nylon String Guitar, Bright
66=C-13 Phasestrum Nylon 1   003=Nylon Gtr3 Nylon String Guitar, Dark
67=C-14 Natural Nylon 2   004=6Str Gtr1 Steel String Guitar, Normal
68=C-15 Thinpik Nylon 2   005=6Str Gtr2 Steel String Guitar, Bright
69=C-16 Nylon 2 Strum   006=6Str Gtr3 Steel String Guitar, Dark
70=C-17 Real Nylon 3   007=12Str Gtr1 12 Strings Guitar, Normal
71=C-18 Sharp AOR Nylon 3   008=12Str Gtr2 12 Strings Guitar, Bright
72=C-21 Al's Nylon 3   009=12Str Gtr3 12 Strings Guitar, Dark
73=C-22 6 String #1   010=Gtr Harm Guitar Harmonics
74=C-23 Sharp Effect 6 String   011=Clean Gtr1 Clean Electric Guitar, Normal
75=C-24 6 String #1 Flange   012=Clean Gtr2 Clean Electric Guitar, Bright
76=C-25 Real 6 String #2   013=Clean Gtr3 Clean Electric Guitar, Dark
77=C-26 Sparkle 6 String #2   014=Syn Gtr Synthesized Guitar
78=C-27 Effected 6 String #2      
79=C-28 6 String #3      
80=C-31 Space 6 String #3      
81=C-32 12 String #1      
82=C-33 12 String #1 Pick      
83=C-34 12 String #2      
84=C-35 Squeeze 12 String #2      
85=C-36 12 String #3      
86=C-37 12 String #3 Delay      
87=C-38 Guitar Harmonics      
88=C-41 Clean Electric 1      
89=C-42 Clean Electric Pluck 1      
90=C-43 Clean Electric 2      
91=C-44 Effect Elektic 1      
92=C-45 Clean Electric 3      
93=C-46 Peaks Electric 3      
94=C-47 Syn Guitar      
95=C-48 Syn Guitar Effek      
96=C-51 JD Midi Guitars      
97=C-52 Strat-A-Wash      
98=C-53 Heavy Love!      
99=C-54 PulseMod Harp      
100=C-55 Saxastrat Attack      
101=C-56 Easternal      
102=C-57 Lusitania      
103=C-58 Slow 48 String      
104=C-61 Rocker Stack      
105=C-62 Passionate      
106=C-63 Scraple Strat      
107=C-64 Gandar Gate      
108=C-65 The Bed is Full      
109=C-66 JD's blotype      
110=C-67 Eric's Sunday      
111=C-68 Ethnobell Slide      
112=C-71 Big JD Fifths      
113=C-72 Ghost Wisps      
114=C-73 Pizvox 12 Comp      
115=C-74 New Synlead      
116=C-75 Hook n' Crook      
117=C-76 Clipp-A-Vox      
118=C-77 Semi Ham an+&      
119=C-78 Whistle Stops      
120=C-81 Spark of Life      
121=C-82 Argon Lowbell      
122=C-83 Penguin's Arse      
123=C-84 Lovely Pad      
124=C-85 Windrize      
125=C-86 Thin Oriental      
126=C-87 Who Hose Bizz      
127=C-88 Ethnituare      
SL-JD80-08 Accordian      
Patch Names PN-JD80-08 Special Setup Waveforms Comments
[Roland Accordian] Note Names SO-JD80-08  
64=C-11 Stage Musette [Roland Accordian] 001=Musette 1A Musette Tone Detune
65=C-12 Auvergne Jolie 36=Bass X 002=Musette 1B Musette Tone Detune [Bright]
66=C-13 Double Musette 37=SynStick 003=Musette 1C Musette Tone Detune [Dark]
67=C-14 Blue Tango 38=Snare X 004=Musette 2A Musette Tone in tune
68=C-15 Vib. Musette 39=C- Snare 2 005=Musette 2B Musette Tone in tune [Bright]
69=C-16 8th Musette 40=Clapsnare 006=Musette 2C Musette Tone in tune [Dark]
70=C-17 8th Detuned Musette 41=Low Tom 2 007=Musette 3A Musette Tone Deeply Detune
71=C-18 Musette PASO 42=Closed HiHat 008=Musette 3B Musette Tone Deeply Detune [Bright]
72=C-21 Virtuoso 43=Low Tom 1 009=Musette 3C Musette Tone Deeply Detune [Dark]
73=C-22 MusetteZezette 44=Pedal HiHat 010=Master A Master Tone
74=C-23 Single Accordian 45=Mid Tom 2 011=Master B Master Tone [Bright]
75=C-24 Musette a Go-Go 46=Open HiHat 012=Master C Master Tone [Dark]
76=C-25 Bandoneon 1 47=Mid Tom 1 013=Single A Single Tone
77=C-26 Double Bandoneon 48=High Tom 2 014=Single B Single Tone [Bright]
78=C-27 Bandoneon 2 49=Cymbal 1 015=Single C Single Tone [Dark]
79=C-28 Muesette des AS 50=High tom 1 016=Bandneon 1A Soft Bandneon
80=C-31 Bass/Master 51=Cymbal 2 017=Bandneon 1B Soft Bandneon [Bright]
81=C-32 Bass/Musette 52=FX 1 018=Bandneon 1C Soft Bandneon [Dark]
82=C-33 Bass/Bandoneon 53=Cymbal 3 019=Bandneon 2A Rich Bandneon
83=C-34 Accord Chord 54=FX 2 020=Bandneon 2B Rich Bandneon [Bright]
84=C-35 Musette OK! 55=Vibrosyn 021=Bandneon 2C Rich Bandneon [Dark]
85=C-36 Rock Musette 56=Block 022=MasterBS A Master Tone Bass
86=C-37 Paris 57=Bellgate 023=MasterBS B Master Tone Bass [Bright]
87=C-38 Lutece 58=Vibro 2 024=MasterBS C Master Tone Bass [Dark]
88=C-41 Unison Musette 59=HiMetal 025=Bs/Musette 1 Split Bass / Musette 1
89=C-42 Solo Musette 1 60=Bango! 026=Bs/Musette 2 Split Bass / Musette 2
90=C-43 Montmartre 61=Bango! 2 027=Bs/Musette 3 Split Bass / Musette 3
91=C-44 Solo Musette 2 62=Canga! 028=BS/Master Split Bass / Master
92=C-45 Solo Musette 3 63=Canga! 2 029=BS/Single Split Bass / Single
93=C-46 Eiffel Tower 64=Canga! 3 030=BS/Bandneon 1 Split Bass / Bandneon 1
94=C-47 Solo Master 65=Tynbale 031=BS/Bandneon 2 Split Bass / Bandneon 2
95=C-48 Champs Elysees 66=Tynbale 2    
96=C-51 Astor Bandoneon 1 67=Ogaga Bell    
97=C-52 Astor Bandoneon 2 68=Ogaga 2    
98=C-53 Left/Right Hand 69=Noise Metal    
99=C-54 Moulin Rouge 70=FX 3    
100=C-55 Layer A/B/C/D 71=FX 4    
101=C-56 Layer A/B/C/D 2 72=FX 5    
102=C-57 Vibrato Master 73=Goiru    
103=C-58 Pigalle 74=Goiru 2    
104=C-61 Minor Chords 75=Clavas    
105=C-62 Major Chords 76=High Block    
106=C-63 Buttons Accordian 77=Low Block    
107=C-64 Bass Meister 78=Caicu    
108=C-65 Phase Accordian 79=Caicu 2    
109=C-66 Lambada 80=Triangle    
110=C-67 Space Accordian 81=Triangle 2    
111=C-68 Four Brothers 82=FX 6    
112=C-71 Tango 1 83=Jungle Bell    
113=C-72 Tango 2 84=Bell Tree    
114=C-73 Tango 3 85=Castagnuts    
115=C-74 New Age Accordian 86=Syrdo 1    
116=C-75 Harmoccor Rock 87=Syrdo 2    
117=C-76 Harmoxior Rock 88=Fog Horn    
118=C-77 Sad Accordian 89=Sonar 1    
119=C-78 Syn Accordian 90=Submarine    
120=C-81 Highlander 91=Sonar 2    
121=C-82 Phase Accordian 2 92=Siren    
122=C-83 Zweimannband 93=Torpedo Left    
123=C-84 Space of Phases 94=Torpedo Right    
124=C-85 Pop's Pipes II 95=TILT!    
125=C-86 Notre Dame 96=Phone Call    
126=C-87 Accordio Phase      
127=C-88 Water Musette      

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